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Neo-Tel continues to benefit from significant investment in its infrastructure and systems.

Our key investors include:

Alex Scott
Neo-Tel was founded by Alex Scott, Managing Director of the company. Alex has been in the ISP industry for over 20 years. Previously he was with PSINet a global internet provider. The last position he held was Chief Operating Officer for PSINet Europe, in charge of customer networks and hosting operations throughout Europe.

Paul Thornton
Paul Thornton has a long and rich history working in and with the internet and networking industry worldwide. He also worked at PSINet both in the backbone network team and the design, build, and operations teams of PSINet’s hosting facilities worldwide. Paul was also the senior network engineer at the LINX (London Internet Exchange) at a key time in its history and amongst other things oversaw the upgrade from FDDI to gigabit Ethernet.

Paul Brigden
Paul Brigden FCA has continued to practice as a chartered accountant throughout his career in many different industry types, from private companies to quoted public companies like Thomas Pots PLC and Galahad Gold PLC.

Harry Hobbs
Harry Hobbs is a valued member of the Neo-Tel board and has been a figurehead of many global technology companies. Based in the US, he has an extensive knowledge of the communications sector. Harry's previous positions included Chief Executive Officer of PSINet Inc and Director of Operations, MCI. He was also a Board Director at FLAG Telecom.