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  Key Features:
  Speeds from 5Mbps to 100Mbps+
  Distances up to 30km
  Full duplex / always-on connectivity
  Proprietary data link encoding technology with built-in secure encryption
  99.5% SLA for network availability (packet success and latency SLAs also
  24/7/365 proactive technical support
  Quick installation and seamless set-up
by dedicated installations engineer
  True resilience

Neo-Tel's Point 2 Point Access service is a national product that connects company LANs wirelessly with your choice of bandwidth.

Point 2 Point is the perfect solution for businesses that wish to connect LANs with reduced outlay, whilst maintaining the performance of expensive traditional leased circuits. There is no limitation to the type of traffic that can be delivered across it.

People looking for traditional leased line services expect to pay premium leased line prices. Now that RF technology has reached new levels of performance, usability and security there is no need to pay extraordinary costs.

The price of Neo-Tel Point 2 Point is exceptionally competitive; why pay more?

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